Welcome to the Local First Arizona Foundation

Local First Arizona Foundation (LFAF) is the 501c3 nonprofit sister organization to Local First Arizona. LFAF is an award-winning organization focused on community and economic development throughout the state in order to build self-sufficient, healthy and prosperous communities. We are creating a movement that has proven results across a wide variety of measurables including youth retention, job creation, and economic gains.

Our Programs

Heathy Local Foods Initiative

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Local First Arizona Foundation is woven throughout many agricultural programs in Arizona. We organize events, partner with higher education, and work with the USDA to improve systems supporting healthy and sustainable fo… Read More

Arizona Rural Development Council

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State Rural Development Councils are composed of the agencies and organizations that play a part in developing the rural areas of their state. As a result, federal, regional, tribal, state and local governments, along wi… Read More

Fuerza Local Accelerator


Local First Arizona launched Fuerza Local in 2011, which is a Spanish language accelerator program that graduates 25 Latino micro-entrepreneurs each year. The program helps small, under-served business owners to become m… Read More